My clients are my
most valuable asset. 

To be clear, "most valuable" really means: "only".

In the past few years (ouch! it's been that long? NO WAY!), I've had the pleasure of working with a number of wonderful clients on a wide range of projects... across an interesting and rather ecclectic range of industries.

While most organizations need to move quickly to capitalize on business opportunities, I work hard to facilitate speed to market. Fanok Design works hard to guide and build our clients' online or offline brand and corporate image.  Fanok Design's development process ensures that the project delivers on every critical requirement.

Sample client list
(for a full portfolio review, contact me)

Cannon Entertainment Group [website]

US Breaking Championships [website]

Powder Keg Games [website]

Dancer's Edge [website]

Fighting Lion Championship [website]

Dragon Fly ASD [logo and website]

Terra Cotta Challenge [logo and website]

James Sang Lee [logo and website]

Fortress Hill Dojo [website]

Aaron Rex Photography [prototype site ]

Pistol Coach [logo and website]

Massie Land Co.  [website]

Winter Park Health & Fitness [website]

Prevent Truth Decay [logo and website] and [Twitter presence]

PTD Media Group [logo and website]

Maxis Networks [logo]

Secure Datacom [logo and website]

Maison Jardin: Wine Seller [WineSellers logo and website]

12 Degree Split (band) [flash intro]

Hull & Associates

Steven Oniki Seminars

E&C Medical

American Biotek Labs

Fanok Design [logo and website] See some of my logo designs

Hillariously Clinton [logo & blog]

Birmingham Property Pages [branding]

Sarah K's Gourmet [branding]

InoRan Solutions [branding]

For additional portfolio materials, give us a shout.

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