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NOTE: Emails sent after 4:00 a.m. Florida Standard Time   are not answered until the following day.  Please forgive the delay.

(no cash please**):

Fanok Design
[contact us for our super-secretive secret mailing address algorithm]


1 short puff
3 medium volume puffs
2 short puffs
1 really long puff
(please use only white smoke against a darkened horizon that we'll notice post-dusk)


Yes, I know it's not a number... but thanks to these newfangled world-wide-web-based-electronic-internet-browser-equipped telephones, you can "call" me via email.  Once I get to know you, and trust that invoices will be paid on time, I'll give you the top-secret number to the pay phone in front of 7-11 that I use down the street from my office... and you can call me at any time, for any reason***.

* Fanok Design can not be reached at just any time of day.  See above.  Sorry.

** Cash gifts/payments may be delivered to my drop box under the dumpster in the alleyway behind the Quickie Mart on the corner of Elm Ave and Horatio St.

*** CLIENT6850084: This is a warning:  Your daily calls for assistance in resetting your VCR clock will eventually land you a restraining order from the local authorities.  You've been warned.


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