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$99 logos** (strategically priced below $100 to make you think realize you're getting a killer deal.  We considered adding 99 cents to the price, but ... um, we're not rip-off artists.)

Direct logo design inquiries to info@fanokdesign.com.

Fanok Design logo design services: professional logo design and branding for your startup, established corporation, lemonade stand, political activism web site, church, chess club, or eBay storefront.

We deliver all industry-standard logo file formats, including fully-scalable vector formats, suitable for crisp representation of your brand, regardless of size.  As such, the advertising campaign you launch on the eraser end of pencils will look as great as your billboard ad on the freeway.

NOTE: Logo f onts condusive to skywriting (i.e. smoke-blown logos from the rear end of an airplane) are subject to a $4.50/hr design surcharge (aircraft arrangements are handled separately).

See a portion of our logo portfolio


1] we'll pester you with a few short questions regarding your logo needs (for example, we need to know if your logo design requires a rendering of the rare and little-known-at-the-time 1972 Cadillac Escalade, etc.)

2] we'll design 10 or more concepts for your logo.

3] we'll probably get hungry, grab something to eat, or take a restroom break sometime at this point in the process.  Bear with us.

4] we'll deliver your prototypes, you'll review, love them or just like them, then provide your feedback on the concepts.

5) we'll design until your logo is exactly what you want.

6] see # 5

See some of our logo designs

Direct all logo design inquiries to info@fanokdesign.com.

* It is.  Don't judge.  Read it first.

** See above.  After that, questions and logo requests can be directed to us***.

*** See email address, like right above.