Fanok Design's process
is rather complex. 

Oh, wait, that's my part.  From your vantage point, it looks something like this:

You have an awesome vision (or some semblance of an idea of what you should envision) and I'll do my very best to make it happen.  It's pretty much that simple, at least for you.

Or, in mathematically nerdish terms:

Design Need + FD - (Hassle x Lack of Direction / .2850 (for some weird reason)) = Satisfaction + Increased Revenue from Enhanced Brand Representation (squared) - .013 (again, for some strange reason).

But yeah... that's pretty much it.

Fanok Design's design process involves an initial comprehensive review of client needs followed by a "you review-and-approve-as-I-go" workflow designed to keep your project on track and always moving towards an end-product that you are 111% satisfied with.  (110% focus-grouped too "cliche", so the 1% to set myself enough above the bar to interest you).

This methodology prohibits the design process from moving too far outside the scope of what you want, helps contains costs, and saves time.

Less cost to you means we all win.  Especially you, because I think that'll make you happy.

And I'm happy when you're happy.



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