Why, yes... thnx 4 asking.
For the last 10-20 years (approximately and/or so) - Fanok Design has been consulting on and developing superior print, website, and logo solutions for a sometimes shockingly wide range of industries and organizations.

"Wide range" we say?
Industries I've developed web sites, ads, logos, and various design projects for include doctors, dentists, Christian t-shirt vendors, mortgage brokers, tech start-ups, starry-eyed (and since-failed) dot-com entrepreneurs, supposedly-totally-legal marijuana substitute dealers, attorneys, right-wing political activists, restaurants, pseudo-eateries, a homeless man, Apple iPod™ technicians, small-town shipping magnates, internet technology providers (of various flavors), network engineers, a Wisconsin-based "Cheese Day" event organizer, and more.  Believe it.  Or not.

And that's how you scavenge for business (for #website #design) by littering your website with searchable keywords.  Don't say I never taught you anything.  You owe me.

Fanok Design was founded in 1997 with the absolutely unachievable goal of providing the world's most superior print and web creations for its valued customers.  While I haven't yet achieved that goal globally, I'll be well on my way with the addition of the project you're considering at the moment.  The business plan for Fanok Design is quite simple: deliver exceptional work that exceeds your expectations.

I work closely with my customers to originate and refine to perfection the finished creation. My goal is to match or, more often than not, exceed my customer's initial vision. As the creation process unfolds, work-in-progress proofs will be uploaded to the web or emailed to the client for quick and convenient review and feedback. This process of real-time, as-we-go feedback translates into a faster turnaround and a sharper and more effective final result.

Because I employ a unique blend of strategy, process, and implementation, each solution is custom-fit to a company's individual business model and needs. I skillfully balance technology with design to construct an online user experience that strengthens core customer relationships.

And with that.... if you love business buzzwordiness as much as I don't... I feel your pain.

I look forward to working with you.

- Bob Fanok, Creative Director | Owner | Arrested Development Fan

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