My services mirror your
design needs almost exactly. 

The end.  I'll take questions now. 

At the risk of being wordy, verbose,  repeat-y and redundantish, I'll elaborate:  Fanok Design develops web design and print marketing solutions that will match your need(s).  Trust us.  And by "us", I mean "me".  

I offer customized solutions that span a range of disciplines:  logos, corporate branding, graphic design, web site development, online product/service marketing, online presence consulting, etc.

Web Design Services
Contact me at for details and what-nots.



Logo Design
Your logo is the cornerstone AND foundation for the perception of your brand.  Don't get it wrong.  Click these hypercoollinks for logo design details and sample portfolio.

LOGO DESIGN > Contact me.  This is a great price**.


Design & Brand Consultancy Services
ur website and/or brand will be critically analyzed, deconstructed, recombobulated, then like totally bettered.  Design & Brand Consultancy Package includes one hour of consultation on your web presence and brand, including an analysis of presence, approachability, sales translationability (trust us, it means something smart) that includes the consideration of Google analytics, AdWords & AdSense feasibility, navigational structure - including site infrastructure, design and cosmetics.  As you see, it includes a lot of includes.  Let's put it this way:  You'll be banking more cash after this session. 

CONSULTANCY SERVICES > Contact. Again, a great price**.

**  Price point is set strategically below those rip-off artists that charge a ridiculous $100 or (in most cases waaaaay) more - for logo design services.  Call me, I'll tell you a story.  Reference New York, Microsoft Word, a half-circle, and the letter "e".  Trust me.

Comprehensive Design Services List (aka CDSL)

Also known as The Overtly-obvious SEO Keyword & Fanok Design
Graphic and Web Design Services List:

  • website design
  • website consulting
  • corporate branding, identity & logo design
  • print advertising (magazine, newsprint, etc.)
  • print graphics
  • web banner ads
  • cafepress, eBay, and Etsy storefronts
  • letterhead design
  • business card design
  • Resumes that Guarantee Employment™ **
  • brochure design
  • pretty much anything else you need, except the things I don't do [ask]

** Resumes that Guarantee Employment™ are not guaranteed to guarantee employment.  If you have any questions about services we may offer, see above (or, give us a shout).

Inquiries of any sort > Email me.


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